Upskill and manage lawyers with simulators

Build simulators in minutes. They will train juniors on real tasks and review their new skills. Then use collected data to make informed L&D and management decisions.
Teach to draft. Edit. Find risks. Mitigate them.
Problem solving
Teach to solve legal problems. Get hints, explanations and feedback.
Teach to communicate, negotiate and present.
Teach to spot errors, find data and make conclusions.
I wish I had started this Legal English course earlier.
Nastya R.
I acquired drafting skills that I can now use in my every-day job.
Vera Z.
Enrolling on this course was one of the best educational decisions I have ever made.
Nastya Sh.
You can use a simulator to build your course, onboard new lawyers in a law firm or help students in a law school develop practical skills.
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